This is amazing.

More people need to see this.
Serious Giveaway tho.

One winner, awesome prizes.

1st and only place will get 30 million bells (I have generous friends) and will also get:

-All of the golden tools + Toy hammer, Throwing beans

-zodiac/ 7-11/ sloppy/ campus/ gorgeous/ card/ sweet/ princess set (yes, all of them)

-10 red/white/pink carnations(30 in total), 20 gold/blue roses(40 in total)

-A hairbow wig, crown, and royal crown.


-Like/Reblog all you want.

-Must be willing to share 3DS Friend Code

-Comfortable with me coming to your town

-Own ACNL by the end of my giveaway.

-Do not have to be following me to win.

Giveaway ends January 6th, 2014. 12PM PST.

Good luck everyone!


Drawn for tumblr use gossameratara for a giveaway I participated in.I hope you like it!
Your dreams come true giveaway!


Hello followers and other acnl players, this blog,

acnldreamsuite will be hosting a giveaway.

There will be two winners.
They each will get 6 million bells and the choice of a set; a sloppy set or 7-11 set.

You can reblog as much as you want, both likes and reblogs count.

We do not require you to be following us to win.

Must be willing to share friend code and allow us to drop off prizes.

Winner will be chosen at random.

End date:

Sunday the 22nd, 12 p.m. PST.

Good luck!


Sorry for the lack of updates! Here’s Curt, as requested by harukamome.
tv with curt
selling lots of items!

getting off laptop, will answer any messages tomorrow :)

I’ll put these items under a read more since it’s a lot. I’m mostly looking for bells, but if you have anything from my wishlist, I’ll be happy to trade! I have a complete spooky set selling for 50k (plus some pumpkin heads).

Send me a message if you’re interested! c:
Items without prices, please send offer.

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